With world-class manufacturing facilities and the most advanced technologies, Awsum Tex Ltd. leads the industry and demonstrates our commitment to our customers and their future. We set the standard in the global industry by achieving the highest levels of production efficiency, product superiority and price competitiveness. By leveraging a winning combination of state-of-the-art facilities; a professional and passionate team; advanced production management systems as well as our application of best practices, we deliver measurable value to our customers.

Design & Development

Awsum Tex Ltd. has an in-house design team that is continuously involved in analyzing the latest trends in the apparels industry. This effort culminates in the development of product collections twice a year to showcase our capabilities to potential and existing clients. Our design team has extensive knowledge of the different fabrics and finishing technologies and is able to work directly with customers to suggest innovative and cost-effective solutions to various design challenges.

Awsum Tex Ltd. also provides a comprehensive product development lab where our customers can work side by side with our design team to experiment and develop samples. This reduces the cost and time required for product development.


Awsum Tex Ltd. specializes in manufacturing all knit item, We are equipped with 14 fully integrated production lines spread across 100,00 square feet of ergonomically designed production floors. Run by a highly efficient workforce of more than1,000 people, the company has the capacity to produce one million pieces per month. Some of the machines that Awsum Tex Ltd. uses to ensure quality products for sewing are from Juki, Brothers, Vibe Mac etc.

Awsum Tex Ltd. follows best manufacturing practices, and our highly skilled and experienced Industrial Engineering and Quality Assurance teams ensure that we are able to deliver quality products on a consistent basis.

We take pride in offering safe, friendly and comfortable work environments for our employees – all of our facilities exceed the compliance requirements of some of the top retailers of the world such as The Gap Inc., H&M, Walmart, Carters, OshKosh, J.C Penny, Dickies and others.


Awsum Tex Ltd. has extensive experience in apparel washing and finishing, and our highly skilled team of washing experts can confidently handle the most critical washes required in the industry.

Awsum Tex Ltd. has invested in state-of-the-art finishing facilities capable of handling more than 3,000 pieces per day. In particular, we utilize high-end washing and dyeing machines from Tonello (Italy) and Tolkar (Turkey). This ensures consistent quality for various wet process options such as bleaching, tinting, over-dyeing and different enzyme, resin and ozone washes. We also use specialized machines to achieve various dry process effects such high intensity laser etching, 3D whiskering, oven wrinkling, grinding and PP spray. In strict compliance with international environment standards, our finishing facilities have integrated biological Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) which decontaminates all waste water discharge.


Awsum Tex Ltd. helps customers by sourcing items on their behalf from Bangladesh. The company nominates and oversees second- and third-tier vendors for clients so they don’t have to contend with a plethora of local suppliers. The sourcing team offers complete logistics, quality assurance and timely dispatch of goods to our valued customers.

Sourcing Strengths

  • Long terms relationships with multiple vendors across different product categories including knitwear, sweaters and woven bottoms.
  • In-house Pattern making and sample development facilities
  • Dedicated team of highly qualified and talented merchandisers to manage orders
  • Real Time tracking and reporting of all processes
  • Strong in-house quality assurance team to ensure AQL of 1.5 for all product categories.
  • Awsum Tex Ltd. marketing research and trade analysis experts are prepared to answer questions regarding your business.
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